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we'll pass on a link to something we think is useful. Here's one:

(Podcast by Brian Tome)
Getting beyond theory into hard and practical talk, In The War Room is a discussion about what's happening on the front lines in the Kingdom of God.

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Employee Manual
Staff Employee Manual
Demographics Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet that tracks attendance, giving, percentages, changes in weeks, averages for the whole budget year.
Human Resources and Benefit Spreadsheets
Spreadsheet defining each position and benefits offered. Human Resource spreadsheet defining costs of hiring and...
Payroll Change Form
Payroll Change Form
Sample Budgets
4 different sample budgets and one large sample budget
Student Ministry Volunteer Application
We require all Student Ministry adult volunteers to complete and submit this application prior to serving with middle...
Whiz Kids Tutoring Program Application for Volunteer Tutors
Application for tutors. Includes questions on interest indicator; skills and experience; and reference and background
Sample Mission Support Letter
Sample mission support letter emphasizing importance of prayer and inviting family and friends to contribute financially
Whiz Kids Tutoring Program Application for Kids
Application form for kids interested in participating in evening tutoring program. Includes registration form;...
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Application Form
Habitat for Humanity application form includes questionnaire of work and volunteer experience; photo/video release; and...

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